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Daylight Wellness Group

Our Mission at Daylight Wellness Group is to help patients gain their “Freedom from the bonds of mental health illness and addiction”, by using a patient-centered, evidence-based, realistic and wholistic approach to cope with the world in which we currently live. At Daylight Wellness Group, we believe everyone has a story, everyone has a past, and everyone has problems. Our goal is to assist our patients in enjoying this world, not just existing in it.

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Meet the Team Behind it All

Timothy Naumann

        Tim is a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner who found his passion for healthcare after joining the United States Army as a Medic. He quickly followed his heart and started school at the University of South Carolina for his RN degree. Working as an Rn for a couple of years he knew his calling in the healthcare industry needed to grow and returned to school to earn is Master of Nursing Science from Walden University. 

       While working as a Family Nurse Practitioner as a primary care provider, he was approached to help in the behavioral health side of healthcare with a veteran that needed someone who understood what his need and what he had been through. Seeing a need in this area of healthcare, Tim decided to pursue this new realm that did not have enough focus on it. Taking more classes and diving into researching this new world that was in desperate need of providers, he wanted to find ways to help patients find inner peace, knowledge and finally some understanding that they are not alone and there is a name for what they were feeling and what life can be like if diagnosed properly and given the correct medication. He gained the experience and passion to help our Veterans and First Responders cope with the daily horrors they faced and the depression that followed every day, while they are giving or giving their all, rushing in and helping to protect others.

      Tim has over 20 years of combined experience in the healthcare industry, while working with mental health he found that Addiction is another misunderstood mental health issue that needed much attention. He received his SAMSHA certification to prescribe and manage patients through Medication-assisted treatment. He prescribes such medications as Subutex, Sublocade and vivitrol to help patients with a history of substance abuse. He also specializes in Pharmacogenomics testing (gene sight testing) which identifies medications best metabolizes for each individual patient. 

Jeanette Naumann, MA

      Jeanette found her love for healthcare while helping her husband study for his RN and FNP-BC exams. After working in two different states, New York and South Carolina, at the local hospitals at first as an CNA then as an MA, she came to work for her husband after he decided to start his own practice and partner with A New Crossroad for behavioral health and addiction. During this time, her husband developed a serious heart condition that led to a Heart Transplant. She decided then that she was going to stay full time as his MA for behavioral health and help A New Crossroad MAT program, mostly to be near her husband and help him as he recovered form the transplant as well as watch over him to make sure he did not overdo it.

       Jeanette is our MA for both Behavioral Health and MAT. She loves helping others reach goals they set after meeting with our providers or counselors. She is very invested in our patients’ progress, and their journey to recovery. Her favorite part of her job is watching the transformation from the first day they walk in the door to the day they come in with smiles and telling her how great they feel. Jeanette is also the person that enforces and does the hard task of making patients accountable for their own recovery and taking responsibility for their actions. Her pet peeve is easy: when someone is not being totally honest with her, trust me she knows when our patients are not being up-front with her, Its her superpower. 

Laura Weaver (aka Laurie)

        Laurie previously lived in Michigan traveling back and forth to Greenville to help organize and expand the financial parameters of This office and our sister company A New Crossroad and Personalized Health Care. After traveling back and forth between the two states, Laurie decided it was time to set roots in Greenville so she could give her full attention to her and join the office as a full-time employee. She is instrumental in cleaning up and fixing any financial situations that has faced both companies while troubleshooting all insurance claims, so our patient’s interest was looked after and their out-of-pocket expenses for Health care was kept to a minimum.

      Laurie also is a team player when it comes to making sure the office runs in an organized manner, talking to patients and answering questions, organizing workflow so our patients can have a better experience when they come to us for the first visit. She has taken it upon herself to learn more about the behavioral and addiction clinical side so she can help aid in the well-being of patients who are not always in a good place when they first come to us.  Her dedication and organizational skills make it a much more pleasant experience for new patients as well as patients that have been with us for years. 

sticker with the text Coming soon hangs with a clothespin on a rope on a blue background
sticker with the text Coming soon hangs with a clothespin on a rope on a blue background

Linda Hoover

      Linda is originally from Connecticut but moved South right after graduation from high school. After moving repeatedly from state to state, she settled in South Carolina and has been a resident in the Clemson/Greenville area since 199.

      Working in multiple fields, Linda spent 18 years as a paralegal specializing in trials and litigation, in addition to working 15 years in Human Resources. She has always strived to work for the patients’ well and to help in any way she can anyone who has a need.

      In 2014, Linda was asked to join Dr William Scott as his office manager for both his addiction practices, as well as his family practice and functional medicine practice. Feeling like she finally found a home where she could do the best, she has been devoted to his practices and patients. She has been working with Mr. Naumann and his Behavioral health practice, as she expands her knowledge and interest further in the medical field while trying to aid the practices and patients to move forward into a new spectrum of the medical field and broaden her knowledge and understanding of the behavioral health field. Linda has been a great asset in bringing the need for behavioral health awareness into the light and joining up with Mr. Naumann’s team we feel she will make a difference in educating the community in this awareness and acceptance. 

Ashlee Pfeiffer

     Ashlee is a Greenville native and the mother of 3 girls of her own and 4 step (she said there are no steps in her family) daughters. She and her husband Mark work together in making a perfect home for their family and as the girls come and go, they will always know they are loved.

Ashlee came to us with amazing computer skills and administrative knowledge that takes our office above and beyond, up to date and Hipaa Compliant. She is the main source behind the scenes that keeps our records up to date and keeps our patients on task for information that makes it easier for us to be able to give our patients a pleasant and rewarding experience when they walk through the door.  We have affectionate and well-deserved recognition for her skills and have called her our Project organizer and records manager. With a side name of speedy due to her extremely motivated and knowledgeable ability to have anything we need done in half the time of any mere Mortal. Ashlee is also planning on expanding her knowledge into the clinical side of behavioral health so she can give our patients quick and effortless visits with our providers.  Ashlee is an amazing plus to our family here in daylight! 

sticker with the text Coming soon hangs with a clothespin on a rope on a blue background



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